Our difference lies in our ability to be a reliable partner from A to Z: from the early stages of strategic technological choices & creative direction up to the final delivery and support


Always seeking for innovation and technological excellence, Novelab stands out thanks to its internal Research & Development capabilities. It allows us to create and improve new dedicated tools, offering flexibility and custom solutions to our partners. As an example, we’ve been developing software for interactive audio through our brand LeSound.io or custom interactive shaders for real-time VFX in Spheres, winner of a golden Lion at the Venise international film festival.

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Bringing a special care for interactive narration and story development, our main purpose is to create meaningful and strong experiences in order to deliver to our clients and audience immersive, engaging and breathtaking experiences. Our skill set covering all aspects of digital interactive/immersive production allow us to supply one of the highest quality support covering a large range of production type. Should you wish a never seen before engaging experience, we’ve got you covered.

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Novelab stands among the early adopters of VR and XR. We have released over the years several landmark experiences like Notes on Blindness or Spheres and have garnered awards & selections from all major festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, Venise and Cannes. We are virtual world builders, and put emotions and immersion first in everything we do.

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Rather than a gimmick we seek to use A.R. to really augment the reality. Projects like Breathe on Magic Leap selected at Sundance showcase the power of multi-users A.R. experiences as well as real life object detections enabling new kinds of interactive experience from a simple mobile phone. 

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Novelab is involved in the vast field of Artificial Intelligence to propose concrete uses of this technology. We use ad-hoc image recognition for projects such as Robinsonnade using only a simple browser page (yes, no App required!), but also stylistic copying for Panama Al Brown. The use of Artificial Intelligence has many technical advantages in the implementation of our clients’ projects.

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We like to build one-of-a-kind installations. We explore, combine, conceive and go beyond the current limitations of technologies to propose surprising, playful and poetic installations. Our technology remains discreet so users can fully experience what is around them.

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The process of virtual production allows us to use different technologies and tools combined such as live action footage, green screen or computer graphics in real-time in order to create optimal environments and backgrounds. Virtual production increases the interactions between digital and physical spaces directly on set, so filmmakers and other contributors can make real-time decisions, therefore minimizing unforeseen events and important changes in post-production. It is also a great way to reduce rendering time for short delivery CGI projects like our 9K version of Spheres for the immersive Domes made by Vulcan Corp.

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_Interactive & immersive audio

We craft intensive and immersive audio experiences. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in all kinds of audio technologies (Ambisonic, binaural, 3D object oriented audio, …), we are able to create all sorts of immersive and interactive audio content. Check the successful “Malfosse” audio series on Audible, entirely made in binaural audio by Novelab.

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The next bandwidth evolution allows for unprecedented spatial computing, remote rendering and human-to-human communication. We are at the forefront of developing software and experiences based on this technology. Get in touch if you have a project using 5G