Augmented reality at the service of Art and the link between beings …

BREATHE is a multi-sensory experience designed by Diego Galafassi, presented at the Sundance Film Festival 2020. A group of four participants, equipped with AR Magic Leap goggles and biometric sensors, moves within an installation to live an innovative sensory experience.

Participants are invited to become aware of their own breathing. First alone, they will gradually be able to connect with the other participants by synchronizing their breathing. In doing so, they change the shape, color and trajectory of the images they see in AR. In addition, the device connects to the atmospheric data of its environment (air quality of the city where the experiment takes place), these data also acting on the particles visible by the experimenters.

Narrated by actress Zazie Beetz, BREATHE creates a link between the participants, their bodies, their environment … in a strong, magical and fantastic experience.

Within an international team (France, Canada, United States) our developers had to set up in few weeks an innovative and creative use of Magic Leap goggles creating a local multi user setup, coupled with biometric sensors and environmental data.


Artiste : Diego Galafassi

Narratrice : Zazie Beetz

Centre Phi

Key collaborator : Stephen Mangiat

Programmation, integration : Thomas Gredin, Laurent Freimann, Robin Picou

Creative technologist : Amaury La Burthe

Crimes of curiosity