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Novelab is a technology and media studio offering services to design, develop and operate immersive and interactive experiences.

_Experience designers

Our difference lies in our ability to be at our clients’ side throughout from A to Z: from strategic technological choices to creative direction. We proud ourselves in helping our clients define their specific needs and recommend the right technologies to support their ambition. And we don’t stop right there! We produce the content, as well as maintain and scale the solutions we designed together.

Technology Development

We help companies design, develop and deploy interactive and immersive programs to change the way they have always done things.

Creative Spirit

We create transformative experiences that merge dream and reality into one to change the perception of brands.

AGNOSTIC approach

We are not a solution provider. We help our clients decide what is the very best technological platform to fulfill their objectives. 


From idea to publishing, we are well experienced in the development of interactive entertainment, be it Art Experiences, Interactive Stories or Video Games. 

_Museums & heritage

Institutions have unique requirements when it comes to engaging with their public. We have developed experiences using a range a media to answer the specific needs of our clients. 

_Industry for tomorrow

We help companies conceive, implement and deploy interactive and immersive programs, so they can change the way they work and prepare themselves for the times ahead. 

_Brands & Advertising

We have worked for the most prestigious brands in fashion, luxury and retail to help them express their identity using the latest technology. 


Virtual Reality

Novelab stands among the early adopters of VR. We have released over the years several landmark experiences like Notes on Blindness or Spheres that have garnered awards & selections from major festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, Venise and Cannes. We are virtual world builders, and put emotions and immersion first in everything we do.

Augmented Reality

Rather than a gimmick we seek to use AR to really augment reality. Projects like Breathe, for Magic Leap (selected at Sundance) show the power of multi-users AR experiences. Real-life objects detection enable new kinds of interactive experiences from a simple mobile phone.

Transmedia & Video Games

We craft all kinds of interactive projects, from interactive comics, like Panama Al Brown, to successful games, like Type:Rider and Vandals, on a wide range of platforms (mobile, console, PC, …)

Mixed Reality

We blend AR & VR with physical elements. Projects such as Umami (immersive theatre) or Breathe (Magic Leap) combine different elements for mixed reality experiences.

Interactive Installations

We like to build one-of-a-kind installations. We explore, combine, conceive and go beyond the current limitations of technologies to propose surprising, playful and poetic installations. Our technology remains discreet so users can fully experience what is around them.

Immersive audio

We craft intensive and immersive audio experiences. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in all kinds of audio technologies (Ambisonic, binaural, 3D object oriented audio, …), we are able to create all sorts of immersive and interactive audio content. Check the successful “Malfosse” audio series on Audible, entirely made in binaural audio by Novelab.


_They trust us

We have designed, brainstormed, argued, and ultimately created beautiful projects with these wonderful people and brands:

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