Sony Remote CTRL Operation

A project led by the social media and digital agency Uzful. Through a web interface, the user could send commands remotely to a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet via a robot that was playing  at the PS4 game “Little Big Planet 3”.

The installation was set up for a Sony lodge at the Christmas market on the Champs Élysées in Paris and broadcasted live on a website where users were able to track in real time their own interactions with the robot.

Using rapid prototyping tools, we were able to design a robot in very short time. The device was designed and produced locally :

  • Design and production monitoring by Uzful
  • Design of the robot, electronic and Arduino programming by Novelab with Beatrice Lartigue for the design
  • Fabrication of the robot using the digital workshop (laser cutter, 3D printer, digital milling machine …) of ICI Montreuil

by Pierrick Verger


 Client : Sony

Design : Béatrice Lartigue (Lab212)

 Agency : Uzful

 Fablab : IciMontreuil