‘Drip Drop,’ directed by Eliza McNitt, reveals the stories of four individuals who didn’t “see themselves” in the creative industry, yet took action to great effect. The experience begins in a mysterious void where digitized versions of four people are floating. Viewers can bring each person to life by blinking, thus prompting an interview describing the adversity each has faced in the creative community.

Drip-Drop was premiered at Cannes Lions 2019 presented by Procter & Gamble in partnership with Ryot, Chromista and Huffington Post.

The experience uses very cool blinking technology with the new “HTC Vive Pro Eye” that immerse the viewer in a world where your focus advances the narrative. Shot using stereoscopic phantoms + Depthkit. Made with Unity 2019 with the new VFX Graph tools allowing GC particles (more than 500k particles in real-time) in VR.


A VR installation by Eliza McNitt

VR development: Novelab

Production: Procter & Gamble, Ryot, Chromista