The Dungeon VR Escape Game

The Rouen’s Dungeon, also known as the Joan of Arc Tower, is an 800 years old tower classified as a historical monument. In order to enhance it’s historical and cultural heritage, the metropole Rouen Normandie asked Novelab to design something both fun and educational : a Hyper Escape Game.

The challenge: mixing real life escape game and mobile VR, allowing for up to 6 simultaneous players on Oculus Quest! The experience enables users to share the same virtual space and play together helping them discover in a fun way the history of the keep of the city: the “Donjon de Rouen”!


Client : Métropole Rouen Normandie

Sound Design : Christopher Knight

Développement VR : Julien  Daniel-Moliner, Antoine Guerchais

Concept : Darius Guernet, Julien Daniel-Moliner

Animation & 3D :  Amaury Guilley, Anthony Rubier, Tharindu Niletthi