Allo Survie

From 2020 to 2021, Novelab, has developed and implemented a playful treasure hunt augmented reality Web App for an exhibition, in partnership with Bachibouzouk.The aim is to propose to the visitor to be through a survival situation, one that fits our Western way of thinking: surviving a few days in the forest.

The experience is divided into several quests, during the which the users will learn more about forests and general survival tips. Using their phone, the visitors will log onto a Web App that is divided into three main areas: a chat screen with Theo, an inventory and the collection mode. In the chat area, Theo will regularly ask the players multiple choice questions and answers will trigger quests. In order to complete these, the players have to collect objects spread in the forest. More often than not, they will have to collect and combine several objects together. To do so, they will use the collection mode to take pictures of their findings. Each picture will be run through an artificial intelligence that was created and trained for this project: when the players have found the right object, the AI will recognise it and the next part of the quest will be triggered. At the end of the experience, the players receive their final scores as well as a summary the good and bad choices that were made during the experience.


Museum Director : Bruna Maquart

Associate Executive Director of the Museum : Céline Prévost-Mouttalib

Exhibition Director : Michèle Antoine

Multimedia Coordination : Alain Rabussier

Design Production : Bachibouzouk

Producers : Laurent Duret, Saskia Nilly

Game Designer : Florent Maurin

Screenwriter : Alexandre Pierrin

Technical Project Manager : Jérémy Boistière

Web Developers : Thomas Gredin, Yohann Le Breton

Graphic Designer : Brigitte Nataï

Sound Designer : Antoine Wert

Scenery Illustrations (Webapp) : Tristan Maillet

Multimedia Engineering : Fodil Yazid, Philippe Herpin, Thomas Séchet

Integration : Vidéolio-IEC