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Employee training

Interactivity to foster learnings: 

We have worked with training agencies like AFPA to design serious games. Interactive and gamified situations help unlock psychological barriers and favor efficient learnings

Immersion is more efficient: 

We have designed a training immersive VR simulator for french national railways trainee conductors. From briefing to engine start, immersion is a cost efficient solution. Studies have shown that immersive learnings are more robust in time and efficient.


Collaborative sessions, even remotly: 

Using hololens, Novelab has designed a prototype to collaboratively explore a 3D model. We also have designed tools for virtual meetings with voice chat capabilities.

Augment your workers:

Novelab can harness the power of A.R. to display all kinds of information for hands-free interaction directly on the work sites.

augmented worlds

Live demonstrations

An engagning showcase is worth a thousand words: 

Using A.R. we have designed an original live iPad application for VINCI to showcase in tradeshows the benefits of connected cities equipped with electrical roads.

Explore: Vinci AR – Electrical Roads

Get anybody everywhere: 

Using V.R. we have designed experience for Pierre fabre dermocosmetics and Suez to bring people into remote and unaccessible facilities

Explore: Pierre Fabre VR Experience

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We have designed, brainstormed, argued, and ultimately created beautiful projects with these wonderful people and brands

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