Type:Rider – The Interactive Installation

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Interactive Installation

To support the release of the Type:Rider mobile game, the Type:Rider installation is an interactive game playing with the same 2 dots “:” that explore typography in the mobile game.

The installation was presented in Enghein les bains (Bains Numériques), Montréal, Amsterdam (IDFA) and in several locations around the world since.
The Type:Rider interactive installation consists of a magnetic video screen on which you can play with wooden made letters. The light balls trajectory are modified by the position of the letters as they fall from the top.

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 Client : Agat Films-Ex Nihilo, ARTE

 Artistic & Executive Direction : AudioGaming, Novelab

Developpers & Fabrication : Cyril Diagne, Novelab

Keywords : Augmented reality, IR Camera, Projection Mapping