Replay Memories

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Today the worldwide web is the first tool we turn to for looking up historical events. But what does our collective memory become when manipulated by algorithms?

Replay Memories invites you to step out of your bubble, and to question your memory and perspective on History. In the virtual space you recreate your own bubble, your own place of memory, where you can touch and play around with archives that match your memories. Here you will also discover other bubbles, other points of view, recounting different versions of the same event.

At the end of the journey you arrive in the present-day location of the event, from where you can relive the moment in history, coloured by the archives, thus creating a new memory in the process.

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A VR project directed by

Gordon & Andrés Jarach

Producer : Chloé Jarry

Co-producer : Grégoire Parain

WebVR Development : Frédéric Jean, Fabrice Lapeyrere

Project Manager : Nicolas Rouilleault

Production : Lucid Realities Studio, Novelab, INA

Partners : CNC, Media

Keywords : Immersive experience, WebVR