Two years after her departure, Lise is back in the family home. But the reunion with her father will soon be disturbed by a strange presence…

In the middle of the forest, in this house haunted by a drama, it’s up to you to reveal the secrets of the past.

ØRÐESA is an interactive film of a new kind, a thrilling behind closed-door experience between fantasy film and video game.

  • Look for hidden memories to help Lise remember
  • Reveal the secrets of a house haunted by drama
  • Break the 4th wall and become a character from the film
  • Dive into a scary atmosphere with an original soundtrack.
  • By the screenwriter of A Prophet and The Revenants
  • Available in Fall 2020 on Android, iOS and Apple TV

App Store (iphone, ipad, appleTV)

Play Store


An interactive movie by Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart & Frédéric Jamain

Starring Melissa Guers & Carlo Brandt

Lead developper : Antoine Guerchais

Writter by Nicolas Peufaillet & Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart

Arte, Cinétévé, CNC

Video & gameplay programmers : Lucas Répélé, Joelle Vitzikam

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