Muséoparc Alésia

Novelab participated in the conception and the installation of 13 digital mediation devices for the redesign of the scenographic visit of the MuséoParc Alésia in Bourgogne. The inauguration of this new and playful journey took place on July 3rd, 2021.

The MuséoParc Alésia is a heritage interpretation site whose narrative is centered on Gallo-Roman life. Visitors are invited to go back in time and participate in various interactive games related to the battle between the Gauls and Romans during the siege of Alesia in 52 BC.

Here is a small overview of these devices:

  • The Virtual Excavation

This is an educational game that allows the visitor to discover and experience the different stages of an archaeological excavation through the example of the site of Alesia.
The visitor takes on the role of an apprentice archaeologist, guided by an expert in the archaeological excavation of Alesia. At each step, he observes the site and excavates the place with a specific tool at a different scale of the site and a different methodology. He then listens to the experts’ remarks and is gradually led to interpret the excavation based on additional information.

  • Combat Game

The combat game is an interactive experience that invites the visitor to learn the gestures of combat and to participate in a duel against the enemy, advised by a guide.
Standing in front of a screen equipped with a motion detector, the visitor takes the place of a Gaulish or Roman recruit who must learn to fight and defend himself from an instructor, in preparation for a duel with the enemy. After a first training stage where the recruit is invited to repeat gestures, there follows the combat stage, where the visitor must reproduce dynamic gestures and moves to lead the game and win.

  • Interactive poster slide show

The interactive poster slide show is a tactile device that allows all visitors to view archival images representative of Gallo-Roman culture. There are 4 categories, each with 15 archival images. These archives can be completed by the museum over time. A hanging screen invites the visitor to interact with the touch pad to consult archival images. The visitor clicks on the 4 categories proposed: Gauls and Vercingetorix, School illustrations, Advertising and Citizenship. An animation is then launched on the large screen, in the form of a poetic composition that makes all the works in the collection dance. When an image is selected, a contextualization text is displayed on the touch screen.


Scenography : Clémence Farrell

Project Manager (Scenography) : Cyril Gros

Museography and Contents : Laura Gaudenzi

Scientific Advisors , Collection Manager : Patricia Janeux

Museum Director : Michel Rouger

Département de la Côte d’Or : Fredérique Gentil

Mediation Officer : Mathilde le Piolot-Ville

Devices Manager : Yvonnick Le Fustec

Project Manager :  Jeremy Boistière

Experience Designers :  Fabrice Jouvenot, Drella Hubert

Art Director :  Timothée Marnat

Unity Developers :  Camille Bauce, Pauline Eymond, Gaëtan Faucher, Lucas Fernandez, Agathe Limouzy

Web Developer :  Yohan Le Breton

3D Graphic Designers :  Léa Dervyn, Nicolas Morlet, Hugo Peillet

Concept Artist :  Timothé Bouflet

Animator :  Alan Sorio

Production Manager (shooting and interview):  Emma Genet

Director (shooting and interview) :  Dimitri Sourzac