Monaco and the Ocean

A great edutainment story, combining contemplation, wonder, emotion and immersion. A real encounter between the audience and the last wild territory of the planet to which Prince Albert I and S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco dedicated their lives.

For the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, educating is offering each visitor the chance to understand the richness of this common good, as well as our ethical and civic responsibility in its preservation for the future of humanity.

The exhibition “Monaco and the Ocean” is open since 2018, July 15th. 


Client: Oceanographic Museum

Scenography: Clémence Farrell (Agence Clémence Farrell)

Developers: Joëlle Vitzikam, Julien Daniel-Moliner, Geoffrey Diop

Multimedia Production: Novelab (for Les Films d’ici – Laurent Duret)

Project managers: Grégoire Parain, Nicolas Rouilleault

2D artists: Timothée Marnat, Mélanie Schwartz