La Villette Interactive


Novelab was commissioned by La Villette in Paris to produce the content, supply and install two 55 inches touch screens for its building called “Folie n ° 1”.

One of the screens is meant to be used by the visitors outside the building and another one inside the building. A capacitive touch film is glued inside the glass which makes the screen located outside touchable from for the visitors.

Informations techniques

The content is divided into 4 parts:

  • Agenda / ephemeris / programming places
  • Interactive display with site map with pins (locations) and calculation of routes
  • Interactive games and artistic contents
  • Visitor mode available for renting the venue to external companies

Applications include an accessibility mode allowing access to all the features and good visualization in the 80-120cms area for children and people with reduced mobility.

Location : Paris, La Villette, Folie N°1

Platforms : specific hardware and software development


Artistic Direction : Béatrice Lartigue

Programming : Frédéric Jean

Interactive Designer : Clément CHERIOT