Fan Club

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Anna, a mainstream TV star, —believing she is responding to the wish of an illustrious filmmaker with whom she dreams of filming— accepts the invitation of her “fan club” to spend a weekend with them. Very quickly, this moment will turn into a nightmare. She is in fact kidnapped by border-line admirers who have set out to revive her career through the emotions she has made them feel. But while we think of a staging of psychopaths, the reality is more complex. The fans are actually close to the victims of an accident that the actress caused at the beginning of her career, and are asking for justice. But revenge is perhaps not their main driving force. This VR feature-length film of 55′ is a reflection on the weight of memory and resilience, in the form of a psychedelic thriller.

Produced by a_BAHN (LU), a_BAHN (FR), Les Films du Garage (FR)

Official selection at 360° film festival, Festival des créations télévisuelles de Luchon, Videoformes, Mamers en Mars

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An immersive feature film by Vincent Ravalec

Producers: Stéphane HUEBER-BLIES, François LE GALL, Marion GUTH, Nicolas BLIES

Actors: Sylvie TESTUD, Mathieu KASSOVITZ, Denis LAVANT, Arthur H, Denis MPUNGA, Astrid ROOS, Aude-Laurence BIVER, Jean-François WOLFF, Kester LOVELACE

Novelab: App Development