BNP – 14 rue Bergère

The iconic BNP Paribas building and former headquarters of the Comptoir National d’escompte of Paris is one of the finest examples of bank architecture of the 19th century. Built between 1878 and 1881, the building is now property of BNP Paribas and welcomes employees and outside partners for working purposes only. 

In order to share what can be known and seen by a happy few, BNP has decided to offer a virtual visit of this building, whose history is obviously and  intricately linked to that of the bank but which also falls into the History of France and the artistic movements of the time. Not only will the visitors be able to enjoy the majesty of the hall and of the glass canopy in the Atrium, they will also keep up with the evolutions faced by the building through the years following a thorough research work through the archives. 

If the BNP Paribas partners throughout the world are particularly targeted in the project, the experience is also directed to the accustomed readers of the website and to history-bitten individuals as well.

Shooting : 360 UHD (8192×4096)

360 web interactive Visit : point & click, 360 video , spatialized sound


Agency : BNP Histoire

Motion Designer : Timothée Marnat

Sound Designer : Thomas Couchard

Shooting 360 & Video Editing : Dimitri Sourzac

Developper : Paul Figiel, Agathe Limousy, Albane Molière