1, 2, 3 Bruegel!

1,2,3 Bruegel! is an entertaining VR experience in 3D Real-time into the mysterious Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting “Children’s Games”:

A game of hide and seek where your mission will be to find the 200 children hidden in the city.

The painting is no longer a painting but a model game in which you can walk around and act upon.

Produced by Lucid Realities and ARTE France.


A VR Experience directed by Gordon and Andrés Jarach

Art direction: Gordon

Executive producer: Chloé Jarry

3D by Novelab: Timothée Marnat, Mélanie Schwartz

With the support of CNC – Fonds Nouveaux Médias, Fonds Transmédia de la Ville de Paris

Conception, scenario and game design: Gordon & Andrés Jarach

Original soundtrack: Étienne Charry

Production manager: Alessandra Bogi

Co-producers: Lucid Realities, Arte France

Distribution: Lucid Realities